If one light bulb burns out in a light set will the row continue to light?

Yes. However, as soon as you notice a burned out bulb it needs to be replaced so that extra current does not cause other bulbs to burn out faster. Please note: A light set will not function if any bulbs are missing, broken, or improperly inserted.

Do burned out bulbs shorten the life of a light set?

Yes. By running a light set that contains 2 burnt out bulbs, the set life is diminished by 39% (1,170 hours) and 4 burnt out lights reduces the set life by 67% (2,010 hours). Conversely, if burnt out bulbs are immediately replaced you can extend the life of your lights beyond the 3,000 hour rating!

Why did all of my lights go out when I plugged in my tree?

A fuse has been blown on one of the extension cords attached to your tree. The extension cords in all pre-lit NeumanTrees are designed to handle the power rating of the light bulbs used. 

Unfortunately when a mistake is made in connecting the power cords in a 9-foot, 10-foot, 12-foot, or 14-foot pre-lit NeumanTree, a fuse will be blown (usually in the bottom section A) and some or all of the sections will not light.  Click here for Set-up Instructions

A 9-foot or 10-foot pre-lit tree has two main power cords that must each be independently plugged into the power supply.
A 12-foot or 14-foot pre-lit tree has three such power cords, and all three must be independently plugged into a power strip.(wall outlet, or power strip). 

Customers sometimes attempt to plug the main power cords into each other, so only one of the power cords is going to the power supply.  This will cause circuit overload, and the main fuse(s) will blow.

Please note, if a main extension cord fuse needs to be changed, replacement fuses can be found in the plug of every extension cord on your tree. Simply slide open the panel on the plug to reveal the two fuses included, one is active and the other is a spare. 

* Customers should be encouraged to plug their artificial Christmas tree into a high quality surge suppressor to protect against lightning strikes and local power surges. Power surges can cause harm to the lighting system and is not covered under warranty.

Are NeumanTrees flame retardant?

Yes. All NeumanTree artificial Christmas trees are made with steel, copper, and Poly Vinyl-Chloride (PVC) and/or Polyethylene (PE). PVC is entirely "flame retardant" in accordance with procedures outlined by the Better Fabrics Testing Bureau Inc. The Polyethylene used in NeumanTrees is mixed with a flame retardant agent that makes it resistant to spreading fire. All of our trees, wreaths and garlands, comply with flammability requirements, Section 1500.3 (C) (6) (IV) under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act. In order to be classified as flame retardant, a material must extinguish a flame within 3 seconds.

Is a document available to verify a NeumanTree is flame retardant for use in a municipal building or condo association?

Yes. Click here to request a copy of this statement for your records. Please include your model number(s) and description(s).

Is there lead in my tree?

No. The quantity of lead found in an unlit PVC or PE artificial Christmas tree is so small that it falls well under the threshold where a lead warning would be required.

Is there lead in light sets?

Yes. Light sets of all manufacturers contain enough lead that the state of California requires a Proposition 65 warning on the cords of lighted trees.  As a result, we advise taking precautions when handling lights on or off of your tree. 

• Keep light strings out of your mouth.
• Be especially watchful when young children are near a Christmas tree with lights. 
• Be sure to wash your hands after working with lights.
For more information, go to: http://www.oehha.ca.gov/Prop65/background/p65plain.html

What is the warranty on the lights of a display tree?

None. It is our policy to ask retailers to sell any pre-lighted display tree at the price of the tree unlit.  This essentially offers the lights on the tree for free. However, it is important to note that the 10 year tree warranty on tree parts and construction (independent of the lighting system) still applies.

Can I add blinking or flashing bulbs to my NeumanTree?

No. Flasher bulbs cause power surges which greatly diminish the life span of light bulbs. Flasher bulbs will cause failure to the light set when they burn out since they do not contain fail safe shunt mechanisms. Finally if flasher bulbs are put into the sets of your NeumanTree it will void the manufactures lighting warranty.

Can I add extra light sets to my NeumanTree lighting system?

No. Adding extra light sets to the lighting system will cause the main extension cords to become overloaded. Adding extra lights requires the use of an additional extension cord (not included with your tree) and must be plugged into a power source independent of the lighting system.

Can I add a lighted tree topper directly to my NeumanTree lighting system?

No. Plugging in a lighted tree topper directly into lighting system will cause the main extension cords to become overloaded. Adding a lighted tree topper requires the use of an additional extension cord (not included with your tree) and must be plugged into a power source independent of the lighting system.

Important note: if you use a tree topper (especially one with lights) make sure that it does not cover up any of the light bulbs on the tree top. Any bulbs under your tree topper will get too warm and although the flame retardant material will not burn, the heat may melt the material and cause damage to the tree top and lighting system.

Can I change out all the bulbs from colored/clear lights?

It is not recommended. Changing out all of the bulbs on your tree will void the lighting warranty. If you do choose to change out bulbs, always do so with the light sets turned on. This will insure that each bulb has been inserted properly.

Can I plug my NeumanTree into a wall receptacle that is controlled by a dimmer light switch?

No. Dimmable wall receptacles controlled by wall switches do not have the proper power rating for this purpose and are not intended to be used with artificial Christmas trees! Using dimmable wall receptacles carries the risk of fire hazard.

Can I purchase a dimmer for my tree?

Yes. There are control dimmers that are compatible for use on artificial Christmas trees. You must make sure that a dimmer can support the maximum wattage of your tree. The use of more than one dimmer may be required depending upon the light count of a tree. For example, a tree with 1,000 Brilliant lights will require a dimmer that has a power rating of 500 watts or more (each Brilliant bulb is rated at .5 watts). If your tree has multiple main extension cords, each main cord will require its own dimmer. (9-foot and 10-foot pre-lit trees have two main power cords; 12-foot and 14-foot pre-lit trees have three main power cords)

Please note, improper dimmer use will void your warranty and cause a fire hazard.

To find the total wattage of your tree, simply divide the total number of tree lights by .5. This number will equal the total wattage of your tree.

Why can't I use animated or electrical ornaments on my NeumanTree lighting system?

The special design of the bulb holder prevents anything other than NeumanTree Brilliant bulbs to be used in the sockets. The use of any other type of bulb will cause damage to the light sets and void the warranty. Adding animated or electrical ornaments requires the addition of an additional extension cord and additional light sets (not included with your tree) and must be plugged into a power source independent of the lighting system.

Are NeumanTrees hypoallergenic?

Yes. Compared to a live or fresh cut tree the materials used in our trees and light sets are not likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Can I use my NeumanTree outside?

No. NeumanTrees are intended for indoor use only. Using a tree outdoors will void the warranty.

Can I use my pre lighted tree longer than the Holiday season?

No. The lights on your pre lighted tree are intended for seasonal use only (90 days) at a time.

Is it OK to use incandescent or traditional style C6, C7, and C9 lights safe to use on my tree?

No. It is only OK to use low voltage LED oversized C style lights.