Our trees are Pre-lighted with the Brilliant Lighting System

Since 2002 our light sets have been specifically designed to integrate into the needles of our trees.

• No unsightly wires dangle from tip to tip.
• Light cords are attached to the needles with miniature tips, (no plastic clips to break and the material even hides light cords).
• We use all 50 count light sets, they are more expensive to produce but much less likely to fail and are far easier to maintain.
• Brilliant light bulbs utilize a patented lamp lock with twist proof bulbs that are rated to last 3,000 hours.

Many replacement light bulbs are included with every tree in small plastic bags attached to the light strings. This insures easy maintenance as the replacement bulbs are within an arm’s distance, remain with the tree and do not get lost.

We endeavor to make doing business with NeumanTree a pleasure

• 100% on time delivery – Most instances without a back order
• Exceptional packaging and instructions
• Timely and accurate documentation
• Exclusivity - If you are a retailer passionate about customer service and quality, we would like to offer you an exclusive in your area. This insures that your margins on NeumanTrees are protected and profitable.

We even help you sell our trees:
Each year we get hundreds of inquiries as to where customers can buy our trees? These inquiries are then personally referred to the nearest NeumanTree retailer.

Since we refuse to sell any retailers without brick and mortar stores our trees are not found in catalogs and can only be found on the websites of our garden centers or Christmas shops. We do not sell our pre-lighted trees to any big boxes, nor will we ever in the future!

Our trees pass the squint test

With the Brilliant Lighting System, NeumanTree has achieved an ideal distribution of lights with more lights toward the outside of the tree and fewer on the inside.  This puts lights where they have the greatest impact, and ensures an even and pleasing distribution.  Try it for yourself, when you squint your eyes at our trees the lights stand out in greater relief. This test reveals that the lights are evenly distributed with no dark areas indicating too few lights or hot spots where too many lights have been wired in.

Our unique versa tree feature on all 9’ trees

versa tree

We include a second stand in the box to make shaping and decorating the top half of the tree a snap! (This also eliminates the need for a ladder to assemble a 9’ tree.)

Versa trees can be set up as a 9’, 7’ or 5’ size. By leaving off the bottom section and using the second stand you can set the tree up as a 7. Some years you may choose to leave the bottom two sections in the box for the perfect 5’ tree.

We include an extra shaping stand with all 10’, 12’ and 14’ trees

shapping stand

Professional tree installers and designers have known for years that the secret to setting up and decorating large trees was to bring along an extra tree stand. NeumanTree has included a second deluxe all steel stand in every carton.

Our customer friendly warranty

• All trees include a 4 year warranty on the lights and 10 year on the tree.

• Our trees include a meticulously designed, bilingual instruction manual and a cinch strap. These accessories come in a plastic bag with a label on the outside. By taking a minute to write on the label what tree you own and when you bought it, is the only work required for your warranty.

• No cards or registration are needed, just call 866-865-8733 or email us for service!

Unsurpassed customer service

From Halloween until Christmas our toll free number 866/865-8733 is forwarded to one of our cell phones, we are on call 24/7 throughout the Holiday season. Even if a call is missed and no message is left, we will still follow up with a return call to insure your question has been answered.

Our quality construction makes our trees look great season after season

• When you set up a NeumanTree for the first time, you will find that each row of branches is individually tied to make shaping a snap.

• A cinch strap has been included to assist in the assembly and shaping of the tree after the first year and the ties have been pulled.

• The needles of NeumanTrees are constructed from high quality, flame retardant, polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene material.  These materials offer a more natural appearance and softer feel. The use of thicker, high quality material results in needles that are less likely to crush, and will tend to keep their shape – whether flat, tapered, or round at the ends. Each tip is hand-wound onto the branch with string-like wire, ensuring that the tips stay in place for the life of the tree.  

• All branches are permanently attached to our fully wrapped center pole by means of metal hinges.  Metal – as opposed to plastic – hinges deliver the highest level of durability, making it almost impossible to break off branches. 

• Quality long lasting light bulbs will burn out in time; however Brilliant light strings seldom fail. Each light set contains 50 lights, rather than the more typical 100.  Fifty lights per set have proven to be much more reliable and long-lasting than the 100 count light sets commonly used by other manufacturers.

Our light sets seldom go bad only bulbs burn out

As described on our customer service page, with a bit of maintenance and the inexpensive investment of the Light Keeper Pro (and replacement bulbs) you can preserve your tree completely lit for as long as you choose to keep it.

Amortized over the life of the tree, the average cost per year is often less than you’d spend on natural trees over the same period, or on cheap artificial trees that have to be thrown out after a season or two.

Our trees are environmentally friendly


A real Christmas tree takes about 7 years to grow to 7 feet, and needs fertilizer, pesticide, water and several square yards of land to thrive.  Millions of them are destined for landfills at the end of the Christmas season.

By contrast, a NeumanTree is designed and guaranteed to last many years. In fact we have heard many stories from our customers who have handed down their tree from one generation to the next rather than being hauled off to a landfill.



Why NeumanTree?

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