In December of 2019 NeumanTree ceased producing trees. Fortunately for NeumanTree owners, Carolyn will be maintaining an office, website and customer service line until 2030. In addition to being able to purchase additional replacement bulbs. It is not too late to still buy a NeumanTree at 2019 retail prices! Carolyn has several dozen trees in many styles and sizes in the Chicago office. She is also selling many of the Atlanta showroom samples at unlit prices! click here to see all of the styles

Carolyn biking lake michigan

1965 to 1999

Michael Neuman in 1971

For over 50 years Michael and Carolyn Neuman have designed, imported and distributed artificial Christmas Trees, wreaths, garland and for the first 30 years a long list of novelties. Retailers (and back in the day wholesalers) turned to Michael J. Neuman and Associates for variety, quality, service and a commitment to integrity which remains until this day.

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2000 to 2020

When Carolyn bought the company from her father Michael in May of 2000, she decided to trim the variety of products and focus on developing a line of high quality, Pre-lighted Christmas Trees. With the dedicated assistance of John Krolopp and the premise that there is no detail too small to consider they created the Brilliant Lighting System. As many importers know, engineering and designing a superior product is the easy part, consistent and timely production of the trees by a factory is an entirely different challenge. JJ and Jonan Chen along with their family at New Stream Industrial met the task with passion. Sourcing a long lasting and exceptionally high-quality light set from Hank at Marvellous Day NeumanTree has delivered over a million beautiful and lifelike trees to customer service focused retailers throughout the country.

Carolyn and Hubby Frank

2021 to 2030

After Carolyn and JJ decided to retire, New Stream sold the factory property and moved back home to Taiwan. The timing was perfect as to allow Carolyn to spend much more of her time with her loving husband Frank Morreale. To ensure that every NeumanTree customer has the ability to maintain their tree brilliantly lit for at least 10 years, Carolyn will be maintaining the office, website and customer service line until 2030. This insures that every NeumanTree owner will have their guaranteed warranty as well as the availability to purchase additional replacement bulbs.