A quick glance at the details not available on any other trees!

• Our light sets have been specifically designed to integrate into the needles of our trees. 

• No unsightly wires dangle from tip to tip. 

• Light cords are attached to the needles with miniature tips, (no plastic clips to break and the material even hides light cords). 

• We use all 50 count light sets, they are more expensive to produce but much less likely to fail and are far easier to maintain. 

• Brilliant light bulbs utilize a patented lamp lock with twist proof bulbs that are rated to last 3,000 hours.

From an office in downtown Chicago you are guaranteed unsurpassed customer service. 

To insure our customers receive a trouble free warranty on all tree parts and construction for a period of 10-years and their lights for a period of 4-years, Carolyn Neuman will be maintaining the office, toll free number and this website until 2030. 

If service is ever needed or questions require answers simply text me at 773/620-6672 a copy of your store receipt and a quick note. I will endeavor to call you back or text within hours. (Minutes if you wait until the afternoon or evening)

Shaping stand

Professional tree installers and designers have known for years that the secret to setting up and decorating large trees was to bring along an extra tree stand. 

On all of our 10’, 12’ and 14’ trees we have included a special second stand for assistance with assembly. 

Please note that our 10’, 12’ and 14’ trees have not been designed to be set up in smaller sizes. If you are looking for a tree with versatility please consider a 9’.

Versa Tree

All of our 9’ trees also include a second stand in the box to make shaping and decorating the top half of the tree a snap! (This also eliminates the need for a ladder to assemble a 9’ tree.) 

Versa trees can be set up as a 9’, 7’ or 5’ size. 

By leaving off the bottom section and using the second stand you can set the tree up as a 7. 

Some years you may choose to leave the bottom two sections in the box for the perfect 5’ tree.